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Welcome to Megalithic Routes – Journey into the past

The European Route of Megalithic Culture serves as a platform for museums, Geoparks, scientists, and experts in tourism from Denmark, England, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden to underline the outstanding importance of the megalithic culture for European history, to rediscover and promote the tourism value of its monuments and, in this way, improve their protection as part of the common cultural heritage. The goal of the Association Megalithic Routes is to link together a selection of the oldest monuments of Europe by cultural routes which not only lead to the megalithic monuments but also highlight the manifold features of the surrounding landscape... Read More

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Members and Megalithic Monuments

In red you will find the Institutional Members of Megalithic Routes. In yellow the monuments, which are part of our routes.
For Institutional Members page click here. To read more about Megalithic Monuments click here.


An archaeological experiment with a diverse programme of events is planned for Assumption Day...
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Borger – last week, the European Network ‘Megalithic Routes’ visited the Hunebedcentrum (NL) for a meeting.
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An Outdoor School take place in every member country on the “European Day of Megalithic Culture” on the 26 of April 2015.
In april 2014 Museum Southeast Denmark will launch a bicycle tour of megaliths on west møn. The route will focus on small roads and large megaliths.
In every country and at many sites, megalithic tombs are given different names which recall countless tales and legends. On the eve of 21 September 2013...