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The European Day of Megalithic Culture

30 April 2017 marks the 4th European Day of Megalithic Culture. Highlight of the Megalithic Routes Association, our members show off their megaliths in different regions in Europe. We celebrate Megalithic cultures in many aspects. This year, the theme is “moving stones”. We still do not know how Stone Age people moved the large boulders which were deposited here by the Ice Age glaciers about 200,000 years ago. If it were not the Old Huns or the Devil, how did people back in the past really move these stones?

One example is the small village Jeggen, Bissendorf Municipality, Germany. This is the location of a megalithic monument of over 5,000 years old. Under the phrase “moving stones” a large rock of about 2.5 tons will be moved on 30 April with the help of school children. Besides moving stones, there will be a Stone Age Festival for children and families. There will be a Stone Age Snack corner and many activities one can take part in at no costs. Please see the PDF flyer from Jeggen 2017 European Day of Megalithic Culture

Below images from previous European Day of Megalithic Culture.