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Altertumskommission für Westfalen

Große Sloopsteene

Altertumskommission für Westfalen
An den Speichern 7
DE-48157 Münster
Phone: +49 (0)251/ 5918990

The Commission for Westphalian Antiquities was founded in 1897 to research archaeological themes in Westphalia.
The main areas of research are ringforts and other fortifications from the Bronze Age to medieval times, historical routes and – since 2014 – megaliths. The Commission for Westphalian Antiquities seeks to communicate scientific knowledge to the public by pointing out archaeological landmarks. Best examples are the Westphalian Ways of St. James, which have been reconstructed and signposted.

People Behind: 

Dr. Vera Brieske M.A.
Managing Director

Dr. Kerstin Schierhold M.A.
Project leader "Megalithik in Westfalen/Megaliths in Westphalia"