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Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf


Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (Stone Age Park Dithmarschen)
Süderstr. 47
25767 Albersdorf

Phone: +49 4835 971097

The “Stone Age Park Dithmarschen” in Albersdorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) is being reconstructed as a Neolithic cultural landscape from ca. 3.000 BC. Lying close to megalithic tombs and grave mounds dating from the first farmers in Northern Germany, the site offers educational activities like flint knapping, archery and leatherwork.

Since 1997 the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf at Dithmarschen, has been working towards re-establishing a Neolithic cultural landscape on an archaeologically and ecologically interesting area of about 80 acres. To realise this idea the project has taken two important steps. First, mostly through natural long-term regeneration a landscape has been created that in its structure, proportion, and composition recalls a Neolithic environment. The leitmotif is a half-open wood-pasture such as would be formed by the kinds of domestic animals kept by the first farmers of the area, distant ancestors of today’s English Park Cattle and Soay Sheep. Second, a Neolithic village has been reconstructed as an open-air museum in the immediate vicinity of visible prehistoric burial monuments. These reconstructions have their scientific foundation in archaeological data from recent excavations.

Visitors to the Park can participate in seminars and events, some aimed specially at young people, and follow pathways that lead into the surrounding landscape. You can also visit the Museum for Archaeology and Ecology in Albersdorf ( which exhibits original finds dating from the Ice Age down to medieval times.


People Behind: 

Dr Rüdiger Kelm
Phone: +49 4835 971097