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Archaeological Working Group for the District and Town of Osnabrück e.V.


Stadt- und Kreisarchäologie / Archäologische Denkmalpflege
Lotter Straße 6
DE-49078 Osnabrück

The Archaeological Working Group for the District and Town of Osnabrück was founded in 1972 as an interest group of amateur archaeologists. The intention was to enable voluntary cooperation in the research and preservation of archaeological monuments and find spots in the Osnabrück town and district and support the work of official departments. Until 1980 a number of important excavation projects were conducted by the Osnabrück town and district archaeological department with the major participation of members of the Archaeological Working Group.   
A major focus of the association’s activities is on public relations. These started in 1974 with the cooperation in the construction of an archaeological trail, the ‘Steingräberweg’ (trail of megaliths) in Ankum-Westerholte, followed in 1980 by the mounting of a travelling exhibition on the pre- and early history of the Osnabrück region, which successfully toured townhalls, savings banks and schools  for several years. At present, there are  several ongoing communication projects  under the aegis of the Archaeological Working Group, including the international tourism project “Megalithic  Routes”, the online exhibition “Magische Orte – entdecken” and  the revitalized project  ‘Steingräberweg’ begun in 1974. 

People Behind: 

Bodo Zehm
Phone: +49 (0)541/ 323-4433

Axel Friederichs (Fachdienstleiter)
Phone: +49 (0)541/ 323-2277