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Ekehagen Forntidsby


Ekehagen Forntidsby
Olofsgatan 23
520 43 Åsarp

Phone: +46 515 50060

Ekehagens prehistoric village lies in beautiful oak woodland along the river Ätran, 20 km south of Falköping. Along a nature trail visitors will find reconstructed dwelling sites that reflect various aspects of life during the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages. At Ekehagen inquisitive visitors are most welcome. Adults and children are invited to travel back in time and learn more about the past by joining exciting activities involving experiences through all their senses. Questions such as How did our ancestors live? What did they wear? And what did their food taste like? are all discussed and demonstrated.

Through the reconstruction of prehistoric settlements, one is able to see how people lived thousands of years ago. Many activities are arranged during the summer and various prehistoric techniques are demonstrated. In the village, animals of old native breed wander freely whereas the wild boars are kept fenced in.

The museum area is large enough to keep the periods separated. At first you see a small Stone Age hut, followed by Bronze Age and Iron Age longhouses. The museum works with natural environment education as well as with presentation of techniques like metal working. Although many school groups visit this place, its situation in a beautiful natural environment makes the houses worth visiting as a tourist outing, especially during events which take place in Summertime.

At Falköping, and associated with the Ekehagen Forntidsby, the visitor will find the Falbygdens Museum, a classical-style museum that presents the history of the region from the Ice Age to Modern Times.

People Behind: 

Elinor Carlsson
Phone: +46 515 50060