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Friends of Filitosa


Centre Préhistorique de Filitosa
Charles-Antoine Cesari
F-20140 Sollacaro, Korsika
+33 (0) 614045630

Filitosa is a small village in the southwest of Corsica and belongs to the municipality of Sollacaro. The site of the same name was discovered in 1946 by the landowner Charles-Antoine Cesari and excavated by the French archaeologist Roger Grosjean. Grosjean uncovered an unusual concentration of unique megalithic buildings which allow a reconstruction of the prehistoric development of Corsica from the 7th to 2nd millennium BC. Particularly impressive are a circular megalithic cult site and anthropomorphically designed menhirs from the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age period. Some of these menhirs were destroyed from around 1,600 BC by the Torreans, a Bronze Age successor culture, and were used as building material for a tower like fortress construction (“Torres”) in the immediate vicinity.

The site is now open to the public and offers visitors a wide range of information in various languages, including a signposted circular path and a privately run 430 m² museum with 3D reconstructions, original excavation finds, etc.  More information can be found at Due to its outstanding historical importance, Filitosa is officially listed among the 100 most important historical sites in the entire Mediterranean region.