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Kävlinge Kommun

Hofterupsdösen Kävlinge

Kullagatan 2
244 80 Kävlinge
Phone: +46 (0)46739680

The most significant megalithic treasurers from the megalithic period are situated along the Öresund coast between Scania and Sealand, Denmark.

Most significant is where the river Kävlingeån meets the sea. Our best kept chamber grave Gillhög is one of the biggest which is not destroyed. With a diameter of 25 meter and a height of 2.5m it is still widely seen from far away. It has been a land sign for the sea farers for thousends of years. Its inner chamber measurers 5.7x2.3m and its room is reached by the narrow tunnel over 5m long. It lies on the old geological wall which separated the old Litorina Sea – the predecessors of the Baltic Sea –from the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Along the river Kävlingeån, which has been the a transportation routes since the megalithic period, close to the small town Kävlinge a newly restored chamber grave Ljunghög is situated on the north bank of the river. The grave measurers 17m in diameter with a height of 1,7m. Along the river the archeologist’s at Lund University have discovered, what the presume is a funeral preparation site from the megalithic period on the south bank within a couple of hundred meters from the Ljunghög and other chamber graves. Sadly the majority of them are now destroyed and turned into farming land but they can be seen from satellite photos and by ground radar screening.

In the district there are many traces from the megalithic period and the Dolmen in Hofterup (Hofterupsdösen) is another unique sign of the people arriving in this part of Europe around 3,500 years B.C.

People Behind: 

Mats Rosen
Phone: +46 (0)46739680