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Landskrona Stad

Örenäsgånggriften Landskrona

Drottninggatan 7
26180 Landskrona
Phone: +46 (0)418 470499

The area around Landskrona is rich in cultural monuments. The oldest archaeological evidences for human settlement are around 13000 years old; some flint tools and arrowheads from the period directly after the ice sheet retreated. At Tågerup at the river Saxån a large Mesolithic settlement and grave field were excavated 20 years ago. These findings are exhibited at the Landskrona Museum.

However, remains from the Stone Age are still visible in the landscape, the megalithic tombs built during the younger Stone Age (around 3,500-3,100 BC). One of the most prominent monuments is the Örenäsgånggriften (the passage grave from Örenäs), near the picturesque fishing village of Ålabodarna. This tomb has recently undergone a scientific restauration.

It is situated on the brink of the sea, with a splendid view over the sound and the island of Ven. It was first explored by the famous natural scientist Sven Nilsson during the 1840s, and has since been subject to several excavations. These were collective graves and the remains of at least seven people. In the chamber and outside the entrance several axes and appr. 20,000 pottery sherds were found. The grave has been used as a secondary grave during the subsequent part of the Stone Age and during the Bronze Age. Remains of a gallery grave or a simple stone cist are now visible outside the entrance. During the restoration archaeologists retrieved delivered birch bark between the dry walling in the chamber. These samples have been radiometrically dated to 3,200 BC.

Örenässgånggriften have certain similarities with Danish passage graves, and the most likely that these architecturally complex constructions have been built by specialists working in a larger area.

Take the opportunity to visit this grave and don´t miss to get inside!

People Behind: 

Thorsten Karlén
Phone: +46 (0)418 470499