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Museum Odsherred


Museum Odsherred (Museerne Vestsjælland)
Annebjerg Strӕde 1
DK-4500 Nykøbing Sj.

Phone: +45 2552 8383

The Odsherred Museum of Cultural History is a museum for the entire family and is a part of Museum West Zealand, Denmark. Here you can visit the exhibition “The Land of the Sun” – an exhibition about prehistoric times in Odsherred, especially the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, where the sun was seen as a prerequisite for life and rebirth. This was illustrated by Bronze Age people through the wonderful Sun Chariot – a unique find made of bronze and gold.

We know of approximately 110 megalith tombs in Odsherred. There are 20 long dolmens, 8 round dolmens, 50 dolmen chambers, and 12 passage graves. Originally there were many more, probably between 400 and 450, but many have either been destroyed or have disappeared. There are many dolmens worth seeing in Odsherred, including King Øre’s Tomb and Tingstedet (thingstead) in Kongsøre Skov (Forest), Hamlets Tomb in Grevinge Skov (Forest), the Plejerup dolmen, Dilhøj, Frederupgård dolmen near Herrestrup, Toftebjerg dolmen near Højby, and the Bjergesø dolmen. Two passage graves well worth a visit are the double passage grave near Stenstrup and Birkehøj near Nyrup.

People Behind: 

Arne Hedegaard Andersen
Phone: +45 5991 3325