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Museum Sydøstdanmark


Museum Sydøstdanmark
Algade 97
DK 4760 Vordingborg

Phone: +45 70701236

The Museum Sydøstdanmark is a large museum of cultural history. We have exhibitions in the cities of Stege, Vordingborg, Næstved, and Køge, covering every epoch since the end of the last Ice Age. Our administration is located in Vordingborg right next to our flagship site, The Danish Castle Center, which is a brandnew museum dedicated to exhibitions about the largest castle of the Danish Middle Ages, the Vordingborg castle ruin.

The museum manages the cultural heritage in the southern third of the island of Zealand. We have a permanent staff of archaeologists, historians, ethnologists, and art historians who perform the many different tasks required by a Danish museum. Apart from heritage management and exhibitions, we also specialise in the restoration of prehistoric monuments. We restore scheduled monuments in the whole of Denmark.

Eastern Denmark has one of the highest concentrations of megaliths in northern Europe; some of the best preserved and most impressive monuments lie on the island of Møn. The megaliths are both ‘simple’ dolmens without mounds and very complex passage graves. Each of them is worth a visit. They are accessible both by car and bicycle.

Through the last 30 years many of these megaliths have been restored to make them more secure and more suitable for public display. The two most impressive monuments, Klekkendehøj and Kong Asgers høj, have been restored on the basis of information from previous excavations. Inside one of the two chambers of Klekkendehøj there is an exhibition with a reconstructed burial scene.

People Behind: 

Kristoffer Buck Pedersen
Phone: +45 60244130