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Oldenburg State Museum of Nature and Man

Die begehbare Nachbildung einer Grabkammer des Großsteingrabes von Kleinenkneten in der Dauerausstellung. Foto: Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch

Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch
Damm 38-46
26135 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 441 40570 300

As one of the oldest museums and the first extracurricular place of learning in Germany, the Oldenburg State Museum of Nature and Man has accompanied the development of the Weser-Ems cultural landscape for over 180 years. The museum is a three-divisional museum focusing on natural history, archaeology and ethnology. The interdisciplinary permanent exhibition uses archaeological and natural history objects to show how man has encountered, developed and thus changed and shaped the typical landscapes of the northwest – moor, geest, coast and marsh – in the course of the history of settlement.

The true to scale replica of a burial chamber of the Kleinenkneten megalithic tomb is one of the highlights of the Geest exhibition and testifies to the impressive work of man in the Neolithic period. Finds that were excavated in the 1930s from a burial chamber still undisturbed at that time, can be seen in a display case on the opposite wall.

The temporary exhibitions are related to the museum themes and focus on the interaction between man and nature.

People Behind: 

Dr. Ursula Warnke
Phone: +49 441 40570 301