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Société Jersiaise

La Sergenté

Rosalind Le Quesne

on behalf of:

Société Jersiaise

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands at 119.5 km² and is located about 22km from the Normandy coast.

The island has 8 surviving dolmens of between 4-6000 years old, and many other smaller Megalithic structures, sites and menhirs. They are constructed of huge stones that were quarried from the coast and brought inland. During the 19th and 20th Centuries, archaeological excavations at the Megalithic sites found human and animal bones, beads, pottery, flint and stone tools. Some finds are displayed at La Hougue Bie Museum, site of the largest passage grave in Jersey that is covered by a 12m high earth mound.

Jersey’s other dolmens include the Le Couperon and Ville-és-Nouaux gallery graves, and Faldouet, Les Monts Grantez, Mont Ubé and Géonnais passage graves.  At 6500 years old, La Sergenté is the earliest structure and the only corbelled passage grave in the Channel Islands.

When visiting Jersey, it easy to hire a car or bicycle, or use the Liberty bus service to get around. Download a cycle routes map of Jersey here, and look for the prehistoric site symbols. More information about Jersey’s Megalithic sites can be found on the Jersey Heritage website, along with location maps of the main sites.