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Criteria for new members of the Association Megalithic Routes e.V.

Organisations or individuals have to …
… be involved in some way with megalithic monuments, e.g., museums, universities, tourist organisations or heritage institutes, archaeologists
… represent a region where a number of megalithic monuments remain in their original form
… be willing to participate in an annual joint activity to be specified at the Annual General Meeting of Megalithic Routes organisations
… be willing to link together the megalithic monuments in their region to form a route which can be accessed both by local residents and tourists
... support the further growth and perfection of the network concept of Megalithic Routes and a touristic valorisation sensitive to the preservation of historic monuments

Organisations or individuals should (fulfil as possible) …
… take identity-building measures and encourage voluntary commitment
… (there) place the focus of their work on (as) a subject-related education for children, youth and adults
… organise cultural events and art projects which highlight the unique character of the respective megalithic tombs and are compatible with the preservation of historic monuments
… ensure that (lie) the priority of members is on (should be) publicity for the network and megalithic tombs as well as on general information and lobbying work concerning the subject of megalithic culture in all kinds of publications, conferences, press reports, presence at trade fairs and in the new media

Become a Member

Organisations and Indiviuals who are interested in joining Megalithic Routes e.V. are requested to check our Criteria for new members.
If you would like to become a member please also see the Membership Fee Regulations and fill out the Application for Membership.